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LET ME SERENADE YOU (5:04) John Finley 

First recorded by Rhinoceros in 1968; became a hit single for Three Dog Night in the 70s. John takes it into its soul gospel roots. 



I’M ON YOUR SIDE (4:33) John Finley, Kathleen Jentz, Lou Pomanti 

A retro smooth urban soul ballad in the Philly Soul tradition: lush backing vocals & keyboard/B-3 texturing. Late night vibe with a contemporary message. 


GO (4:03) John Finley, Carl Graves, Lou Pomanti 

Pure joyous funk with a lyric that says something, the song is a showpiece for producer, Lou Pomanti’s musical genius. 

WHAT TIME CAN DO (4:27) John Finley, Oscar Saul, Danny Ironstone

An ethereal ballad with a moody contemporary jazz feel plus introspective lyric. Muted trumpet adds atmosphere. 

HALLELUJAH (5:44) Leonard Cohen 

A totally new reading of this Cohen gem. Pomanti and Finley “take it to church” with the Levy Sisters backing vocals, a modern gospel build and explode. 

THE BOYS SONG (2:16) John Finley

Just John, that’s all. Contemplative lyric exploring how little boys are programmed to be “MEN”. 


MONEY LOVE (4:21) John Finley, Danny Weis

Funk Chill groove created with John’s old Rhinoceros pal, Danny Weis combines bluesy melody with a human message. 


SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME (6:23) Buddy Johnson 

Beautiful standard made famous by Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley. Recorded live off the floor as trio plus vocal. 


PARTY PARTY (3:58) John Finley, Carl Graves

Fun Dance R&B track with Lou’s rich musicality, backing vocals anyone can sing and John’s understated vocal. 


DEAR DELILAH (5:33) John Finley

A sweet yet mournful, passionate torch soul ballad that slowly subtly builds until your heart breaks and rejoices at once. 


WHO WILL THE NEXT FOOL BE (4:56) Charlie Rich

Historic rendition was by Bobby “Blue” Bland in the 60s. Pomanti’s intro sets up a “Set `em up Joe” kind of conversation that heats up quickly and burns the club down! Great alto sax solo & “no prisoners” ending. 


1. "Let Me Serenade You" (John Finley) ©copyright Warner Chappell Music, BMI

2. "I'm On Your Side" (John Finley, Kathleen Jentz & Lou Pomanti) ©copyright Warner Chappell Music & Old Soul Music, BMI,WB Music Corp & New Soul Music, ASCAP and Springbank Songs, SOCAN

3. "GO" (John Finley, Carl Graves & Lou Pomanti) ©Jack Jimmy Music & Old Soul Music, BMI and Springbank Songs, SOCAN

4. “What Time Can Do” (Oscar Saul, Danny Ironstone & John Finley) ©copyright Paw Prince Music, ASCAP


5. “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen) ©copyright Bad Monk Music


6. “The Boys Song” (John Finley) ©copyright Old Soul Music, BMI


7. “Money Love” (Danny Weis & John Finley) ©copyright Weisworld Music & Old Soul Music, BMI


8. "Save Your Love For Me" (W.W. 'Buddy' Johnson) ©copyright Embassy Music Corp. BMI


9. "Party Party" (Carl Graves & John Finley) ©copyright Jack Jimmy Music & Old Soul Music, BMI


10.  "Dear Delilah" (John Finley) ©Old Soul Music, BMI


11. “Who Will the Next Fool Be” (Charlie Rich) ©copyright Knox Music, Inc. BMI

Produced and Arranged by Lou Pomanti

- except track 7: "Money Love" arranged by Danny Weis & Lou Pomanti) 


Executive Producers: Lorenzo DiGianfelice, Jaymz Bee & Wayne Anaka

Technical Personnel

Bed Tracks 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10: engineered by John Bailey at Revolution Recording, Toronto, ON

Bed Tracks 4, 5, 7, 11: engineered by Jeremy Darby & Julian Decorte at Canterbury Music, Toronto, ON
All additional engineering by Lou Pomanti at LP Music Toronto 

- "The Boys Song" was recorded entirely at LP music Mixed by Lou Pomanti

Mastered by Joao Carvalho

Musical Personnel

Piano, Organ, All Keyboards and Programming – Lou Pomanti

-except Piano on track 6: "The Boys Song" - John Finley


Drums – Larnell Lewis (tracks 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10)
Drums – Davide Direnzo (tracks 4, 5, 7, 11)

Bass – Marc Rogers (all tracks except 6)

Guitars – Danny Weis (1, 3, 7) John Findlay (1, 2, 10), Sam Pomanti (9)

BG Vocals – Robyn Newman, Gavin Hope, John Finley (1, 2, 3, 9, 10) + LP on 9 Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy & JF (trk 5) Katherine Rose & JF (trk 7) JF (trk 4) Trumpets – Tony Carlucci (1, 9) and William Sperandei (4, 7)
Trombone – William Carn (1, 9)

Saxophone – Alison Young (11)

Cover photography by David Leyes

Graphic Design by Liam Pelchat

Original Artwork: Sandi Roy


Thanks to all who’ve made my life so rich and full of meaning.



Sandi  Love of my life
Lou My  Producer of Dreams
Jaymz  The Miracle Man who brought me home to a Musical Family

Lorenzo Big Man, BIGGER HEART

Glenn  Ears PLUS brains
Wayne The Quiet Hero


Poppa Duke Edwards who introduced the young Checkmates to the Black Experience.

Paul Rothchild renowned recorder producer and true friend, taught me “the studio”.

Ron Scribner my first friend in “the biz”, my first agent, showed how it’s done.
Rev. Alexander Hamilton (The Voices of Inspiration) brought me back to the light.

Murray Campbell (The Devil’s Den in the 60s Yorkville) club owner/big brother.

Wally Hodgson my big cousin, who’s records thrilled, inspired and set me on my way.


Bo, Richard, Chuck, Elvis, JB, Jackie, Aretha, Mahalia PLUS so many soul, gospel, jazz, blues & early rock’n’roll pioneers; Levon & the Hawks and the 60s T.O. Sound.


Jon & Lee & the Checkmates, Rhinoceros, Rev. Hamilton & the Voices of Inspiration



My DAD my very first mentor, whose tree I fell from.

My MOM Her soaring soprano rings still in my heart.

To these teachers and many more, I owe so much; as I remain the student.

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